Proton pack & Proton wand tubing kit

All the tubing you need for your proton pack!

2 x 25mm OD split-less loom (pack to wand, tube from gear box)
1 x 10mm OD split-less loom (from HGA to top of vac tube)
1 x 6mm OD red tubing (injector tube)
3 x 6mm OD blue tubing (injector tube, lon arm, ppd to resistor)
1 x 6mm OD green tubing (for your wand)
3 x 4mm OD red tubing (from cyclotron to under ppd, from HGA to under ppd, and for your wand.
1 x 4mm OD yellow tubing (for lon box resistor) 
6 x 10mm OD conduit pieces (4 for the injector tube, 2 for the ppd to resistor) 

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