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I am an independent builder that makes everything myself, my team consists of me, most people call me Russ. I started epic props in 2011 when I realised I had a talent to build replica props from one of my most loved childhood films, GHOSTBUSTERS. Over the years epic props has been mostly a hobby I did in my spare time, building stuff on and off between 2011 and 2015. I took a break from building until late 2018. During 2019 I decided to expand the range of replica parts I made, all while holding down a regular daytime job, things got busy really quickly and was a juggle to get the balance right. During 2020 I continued to work full time, care for my partner who had become poorly with a life long illness and run epic props, all between the crazy year we all wont forget, the COVID 19 pandemic. But as from January 2021 epic props will become my full time job allowing me to expand the range of parts and props I'm able to make, and care for my partner more easily. My fully equipped workshop is now located at home where I'm able to work and care for my partner. 

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